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Enabling Tacit Knowledge Collaboration for Industrial Workers

Giving Industrial Workers Superpowers Through AI

In the enterprise software industry today, Tacit stands out with its simple and highly intuitive user experiences that leverage speech and other compelling interfaces. The Tacit UX is designed to streamline the adoption of the Tacit SaaS on most industrial wearables and mobile tools reducing adoption time by minimizing software fatigue. By delivering a unified user experience with familiar interfaces, Tacit enables enterprises to maximize value by reducing downtime, improving productivity, and capturing digitized tacit knowledge.

As the baby boomer generation retires, they take with them decades of valuable, tacit knowledge. Without a plan in place to capture and transfer this knowledge, industries risk losing knowledge assets. Legacy knowledgebase vendors have failed to deliver, leaving organizations struggling to fill the gap. But with Tacit, you can prevent and mitigate institutional knowledge loss with ease.

Get the most out of your enterprise systems by extending their value through integrations and microservices. Tacit integrates with existing systems like ABB, AVEVA/OSIsoft, IBM Maximo, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others; giving you access to relevant information in context within the app. By turning systems of record into systems of intelligence, you can ensure that knowledge-centric content is easily accessible.

With Tacit, you can connect your workforce with the knowledge they need in real-time, whether on the job site or working remotely. Our intelligent PDF viewer and natural language intelligent search make it easy to find and share information. Plus, our platform connects you with both internal and external experts available on-demand in real-time remotely when you need it the most.

Tacit seamlessly connects your workforce with retired experts and contractors, so you can access valuable knowledge and experience on-demand. With our platform, you can easily create video snippets of sessions, tag and transcribe them, and make them searchable within the app creating your own curated knowledge-centric video library. Plus, our natural language AI search connects to multiple data sources, making it easy to find the information you need, when you need it.

Committed to Industrial Customers in Target Industries

With a focus on industrial and infrastructure sectors, Tacit empowers companies by unlocking knowledge and driving innovation through a range of solutions that harness the expertise of both internal subject matter experts and external contractors and retirees.

Power & Water Utilities
Engineering & Construction

Tacit Partners

Our strategic partnerships with leading-edge and visionary software providers propels us towards transformative solutions and unprecedented possibilities.

About Tacit

Tacit is a knowledge-centric, AI-powered platform with a people first approach that fills the knowledge gap for the industrial workforce in complex and high-risk environments. Our knowledge capture-transfer SaaS and Expert Marketplace enables your workforce to quickly capture and share undocumented knowledge, experience, relationships, and instincts, ensuring production, cost, compliance, and safety.

Tacit Knowledge is knowledge that is difficult to formalize and communicate. It is often based on personal experience, wisdom, intuition, and judgment, and it is the key to innovation. It’s the knowledge that cannot be written down, but must be transferred through personal interaction.

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